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Service shows arrivals how to make the grade

Migrant workers arriving in south Belfast can now check what jobs they are qualified for.

Employment and Learning Minister, Dr. Stephen Farry, has launched an innovative new qualifications comparison service for workers from outside Northern Ireland. The new service is available at Shaftesbury Square Jobs and Benefits Office, Great Victoria Street, Belfast.

Speaking at the launch event, the Minister said: “Workers from other EU member states, and indeed beyond, play significant role in our workforce and the wider economy.

“This service allows individuals to speak to our advisors and have their qualifications checked against the UK equivalent using the National Academic Recognition Information Centre’s web based database.

“The service is free to the individual and in most cases is a quick and easy procedure.”

Patrick Yu MBE, Executive Director of the Northern Ireland Council for Ethnic Minorities, said: “I very much welcome the expansion of the qualification comparison service in Northern Ireland. It is an important process to assist foreign nationals on their recognised qualification under the UK and EU system. It could identify their skills and qualification that assist them to move jobs. We are pleased to see this has now happened.

“Through our Migrant Centre we will work closely with The Department for Employment and Learning to refer people to this new service.”

For further information, contact Shaftesbury Square Jobs and Benefits Office on 028 90 54 55 00. The Department for Employment and Learning’s Qualification Comparison Service is also available at the EURES office in Gloucester House, Chichester Street, Belfast.

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