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Sex trafficker handed jail sentence

A sex trafficker has been jailed for three years and four months for controlling prostitutes in the UK.

In the first case of its kind in Scotland, Stephen Craig, 34, was jailed for arranging travel, accommodation and advertising for 14 women.

His co-accused, Sarah Beukan, 22, was jailed for a year and a half for her part in the human trafficking network operated by Craig.

They were the first people to be convicted in Scotland under new legislation covering trafficking within the UK.

They admitted at an earlier hearing to moving 14 people to various addresses in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff and Newcastle to work as prostitutes.

The women were moved around the UK to work at all of the premises.

Those living in the UK illegally would travel to Belfast by ferry and around the rest of the country by train.

Pre-paid credit cards were used to transfer money and pay for the rental of properties, so the women would not carry cash when they travelled.

They also provided accommodation for the women to work out of, put out advertisements for their services in newspapers and online, and took a cut from their wages.

Craig, from Clydebank, and Beukan, from Leith in Edinburgh, pleaded guilty under Section 22 of the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2003 at Glasgow Sheriff Court on September 9.


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