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SF man may go public over ‘bullying’ row

What he wrote


Demand: Seamus Morris

Demand: Seamus Morris

Demand: Seamus Morris

A Sinn Fein councillor at the centre of a bullying dispute has threatened to go public with the full extent of his complaint unless the party responds quickly.

It is seven weeks since a five-hour review of Tipperary representative Seamus Morris’s allegations took place — but he has heard nothing from party HQ.

The harassment and slander took him to a “very dark place where I considered ending it all”.

Even before the hearing, along with two other councillors, he had submitted a 49-page dossier outlining incidents of bullying and intimidation in the county.

The accompanying letter had demanded a response within two weeks but on Saturday TD Pearse Doherty, who is a member of Sinn Fein’s National Officer Board, said he doesn’t know any details of Mr Morris’s complaints.

“There is no culture of bullying within the party. I reject that,” he said.

But Mr Morris said: “The three councillors are getting very impatient. If they don’t come back we’ll start putting things into the public domain.”

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