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Shades of Seventies as Jamie Dornan reveals his new moustache and sunnies

By Claire McNeilly

He may be one of Hollywood's hottest hunks, but Jamie Dornan's newly-grown moustache is certainly dividing opinion among his legions of fans.

The Northern Ireland heart-throb debuted his newly-acquired facial hair on his Instagram page - which has a million followers - and first impressions were that the 'tache, along with the vintage sunglasses, made him look like a Seventies porn star.

Fans of the Co Down actor, whose phenomenal success as Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie has catapulted him onto Tinseltown's A-list, are more used to seeing him sporting the designer stubble look made famous by his psychotic killer character Paul Spector in The Fall television series. And Hollywood entertainment writer Mitch Thorpe doesn't think the 'tache will go down well with Dornan devotees.

"This look is certainly going to turn some Fifty Shades Of Grey fans off," he wrote on Mstars News.

"The 33-year old isn't growing just any kind of beard, but instead opting for a signature '70s porn moustache."

Joshua Haigh countered that on the OK! Celebrity site by declaring: "To be honest, Jamie could have a bag on his head and he'd still be gorgeous."

Naturally, the 'tache debate has also been raging on social media.

One fan wrote "That moustache makes me crazy but I love any look @Jamie Dornan."

Another opined: "Still laughing at this. I can't imagine Christian Grey with a moustache."

Whatever the argument, the 'look' isn't permanent. The hashtag "#jadotville" on Dornan's rarely-used Instagram account - up until this week he had posted only eight pictures on it - gave the game away.

The whiskers have been sprouted for Jamie's part in the upcoming movie Jadotville, the story of Irish commandant Pat Quinlan who leads a stand-off with troops against French and Belgian mercenaries in the Congo during the 1960s.

Meanwhile, Fifty Shades Of Grey - with a clean-shaven Jamie - continues to coin it in, after being released on DVD across the pond.

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