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Shamed unionist Brian Crowe's statement in full

This is the statement in full issued by former Stormont ministerial adviser Brian Crowe:

"I would like to make a full, public apology for actions which have been the subject of newspaper stories in recent days.

"My habitual use of online pornography and chat rooms has impacted upon my home life and caused immense hurt to those I love the most.

"In particular, I would like to apologise directly and wholeheartedly to my wife and thank her for her support at this time.

"I have also betrayed the trust placed in me by the Minister for Employment and Learning, the Ulster Unionist Party, and the Bishop and Diocese of Connor.

"I apologise to everyone who has been affected by my misconduct.

"Last year I formed an online relationship with a person, exchanged inappropriate photographs and engaged in a series of online chats which I viewed as fantasy chat.

"I told this individual that I delivered political favours for sex. This statement is untrue. I was indulging in a disordered online fantasy.

"I apologise unreservedly for the embarrassment, hurt and upset these false claims will have caused.

"I accept that my behaviour has been entirely wrong. I have indicated to the Diocese of Connor that I will accept without qualification or reservation the discipline and judgment of the relevant ecclesiastical authorities.

"I am now receiving psychiatric treatment.

"Despite the manner in which I have profoundly betrayed my family's trust, I would now ask the media to respect our privacy and give us the space and time to attempt to rebuild our lives."

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