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Shameless IRA killer Seamus Kearney reports his victim's widow to the police

By Joanne Sweeney

Convicted terrorist Seamus Kearney, who callously murdered RUC officer John Proctor, has reported his victim's widow to police over remarks she made about his early release from jail.

June McMullin, whose husband was shot dead as he visited his newborn son in hospital, has been left "distraught" by Kearney's attempts to have her investigated for comments she made in the Belfast Telegraph.

The Public Prosecution Service (PPS) said a decision was taken not to pursue the complaint referred to them by the PSNI.

Under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement, Kearney walked free from jail last month just two years into a life sentence for the 1981 murder.

In an interview with this paper prior to his release, Mrs McMullin spoke of her anger towards him, leading Kearney to complain to police via his solicitor.

She said: "There is all this talk here that there should not be a hierarchy of victims," she said, "but there absolutely should be. It seems like the less innocent you are, the more you matter. We would have saved a lot of money if there had have been a bullet put in Seamus Kearney, instead of wasting all this money on a court case."

But the TUV's Jim Allister said Kearney's attempts to have Mrs McMullin investigated were "perverse" and "twisted". The DUP's Jeffrey Donaldson added he was "alarmed" by the revelations, and the UUP's Sandra Overend said Kearney had shown no regrets.

The PPS said last night no action would be taken against Mrs McMullin, who spoke out after Kearney was handed a minimum 20-year prison sentence in 2013 for killing her husband, who was shot dead minutes after visiting his newborn son in hospital.

In September, Mrs McMullin lost a High Court judicial review to prevent Kearney from being allowed out for weekend release.

A friend of the mother-of-five said she has been left in "total despair" over recent events. Ken Funston, advocacy manager of the South East Fermanagh Foundation, added: "There is no way Mrs McMullin would advocate violence against anyone, but she was feeling extremely vulnerable at that time. She lost the judicial review when the judge ruled her case was not in the public interest, then Kearney's solicitor tried to take a prosecution against her.

"It's an attempt to make the perpetrator, the murderer of Johnny Proctor, a victim. She has lost confidence in the system."

Last night, TUV leader Jim Allister slammed 58-year-old Kearney's actions. "It is perverse that a convicted murderer, who has got off with serving just a fraction of his sentence, should seek to play the victim," he said. "It is testament to how twisted the justice system has become in Northern Ireland when it comes to dealing with terrorists that he would even attempt to do this."

DUP Lagan Valley MP Jeffrey Donaldson added: "My heart goes out to June. She must be devastated by another blow that challenges her sense of justice. It alarms me that there are those who seem determined to paint themselves as victims rather than perpetrators. While I welcome the PPS decision, the most reasonable and rational people would say that it should never have seen the light of day."

And UUP MLA Sandra Overend told this paper: "Kearney is a murderer. I don't know if he regrets his evil actions, but I have seen no evidence of that."

A PSNI spokesman confirmed to the Belfast Telegraph: "Police investigated a complaint regarding comments made in a newspaper article. Enquiries have been completed and a decision made to take no further action."

A spokesperson for the PPS added: "While a full file was not received from the PSNI in relation to these allegations, we did receive a request for prosecutorial advice and have responded to that."

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