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'Shane's parents could have come to us any time and told us the truth about what happened'

Wilson family

By Victoria Leonard

The distraught mother of 26-year-old Armoy man Robin Wilson who died after racing his cousin Shane Kinney, has accused Sharon Kinney of betraying her son's memory and slammed the length of the sentences given to Sharon and her husband Kevin.

Robin's grieving mum Patricia Davidson, who attended court with the aid of a stroller, told the Belfast Telegraph that the efforts of Shane Kinney's parents to cover up his crime by perverting the course of justice had caused a rift in the extended family.

"I don't think that the sentencing was long enough. The parents should have got 4-5 years in jail too," she stated. Shane Kinney's mother Sharon was released on a nine-month suspended sentence and his father Kevin was sentenced to six months in prison, followed by six months on license.

"Robin was as much to blame as Shane, but Shane's parents could have come to us at any time over the last two-and-a-half years and told us the truth about what had happened.

"Sharon Kinney is my aunt, but she was like my sister - she has betrayed not only us, but Robin through her actions.

"This has destroyed our family, and if the parents had guided their son better from the beginning it might have avoided all this heartache. We have never blamed Shane - we believe that he was just misguided."

Mrs Wilson said that her family had suspected from the day after the crash that Kevin and Sharon Kinney were "involved in some way" in covering up for their son.

"We asked them if there was anything to come out and tell us, but they chose not to and to put their own family through this horrendous nightmare," she concluded.

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