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Shankill bomb: 'People were squealing, it was mayhem'


One of the first people to arrive at the scene of the Shankill fish shop massacre has told how dragging the remains of friends from the rubble haunts him to this day.

Jimmy McCullough was working in his second-hand shop not far from Frizzell's fish shop when he heard the explosion.

He rushed to the scene and dived into the devastated building to pull bodies from the carnage.

He was among those who carried out the body of John Frizzell, who owned the shop.

With the roof of the building threatening to collapse at any moment, locals risked their lives to look for survivors.

Ahead of a memorial service in England where he now lives, the 50-year-old said the bombing had left a deep scar on the community of the Shankill as a whole.

He said of the rescuing: "You didn't have time to think. People were squealing, there were bodies, it was mayhem. The roof was set to come in but nobody cared."

Mr McCullough's daughter Amanda was best friends with victim Michelle Baird (7).

And Mr McCullough was one of those to help carry her coffin along the Shankill Road.

Mr McCullough knew Mr Frizzell (63) personally too. "He was a gentleman," he said. "He used to give out wee gospel tracts and sold tapes of him singing Christian songs from the shop. They were displayed in his window. Mr Frizzell was a great man."

Mr McCullough said he still struggled with what he encountered that day.

Pictures of each victim will be displayed at the service in Christ Church in Kent today.

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