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Shankill bomb victim's mum never got over daughter's loss, say family

By Aaron Tinney

The family of a mother whose daughter and granddaughter were killed in the Shankill bomb have told how she never got over the grief.

Evelyn Baird passed away in April, aged 60, after a short illness.

Her brother Charlie Butler said she was a loving sister, but added she "died inside" the day her daughter, also called Evelyn Baird, was killed, along with her seven-year-old girl and partner.

Mr Butler spoke out about his sadness over Evelyn's recent death after the Belfast Telegraph revealed Shankill bomber Sean Kelly (43) was used as a door-to-door election canvasser by Sinn Fein.

Charlie (63) said: "It's obviously really sad about Evelyn. But I think she died inside the day the Shankill bomb went off and killed her daughter, her daughter's partner and their little girl."

His sister, who had four other children, Joe, Rab, Darren and Lauren, died in April.

Her funeral was held from her former home in west Belfast's Forthriver Parade, 10 minutes from the site of the 1993 Shankill Road bomb. She was buried at Roselawn Cemetery.

A funeral notice at the time said she would be missed by husband Bobby, and that she had been 'finally reunited with precious loved ones'.

Evelyn's daughter and partner Michael Morrison, both 27, were killed along with their daughter, Michelle, in Sean Kelly set off a bomb for the IRA at Frizzell's fish shop.

Evelyn and her husband Bobby brought up their daughter and Michael's other two children after their death, a nine-year-old boy and six-week-old girl.

Mr Butler had hit out after Sinn Fein used Kelly as an election activist, especially when the UK is reeling from the terror attacks on Manchester Arena and London Bridge.

Mr Butler, who witnessed the aftermath of the Shankill bomb, added it was "totally disgusting" Sinn Fein had used Kelly as a canvasser.

He was one of the two-man team who carried out the Shankill bombing on October 23, 1993 - one of the most notorious atrocities of the Troubles.

The IRA's intention was to assassinate the UDA leadership, due to be meeting in a room above Frizzell's.

Instead, their bomb exploded prematurely, killing nine people in the shop including Kelly's terrorist partner Thomas Begley and wounding 50 more.

Along with Leanne Murray, Evelyn Baird, Michael Morrison and their daughter Michelle, the dead included John Frizzell (63), George Williamson (63), Gillian Williamson (49), Sharon McBride (29) and Wilma McKee (38).

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