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Shankill bomber commemoration poster uses Remembrance Day soldier silhouette, claims councillor

By Mark Edwards

A councillor has claimed a poster advertising the commemoration of the death of Shankill bomber Thomas Begley contains the silhouette of a soldier used for Remembrance Day events in Northern Ireland.

Thomas Begley died and nine others, all Protestants, were killed when the bomb he was carrying exploded prematurely at Frizzell's fish ship on the Shankill Road on October 23, 1993.

As event commemorating Begley's death will take place at Milltown cemetery on Saturday.

DUP councillor John Scott is the uncle of Wilma McKee, who died in the blast.

Speaking on the Stephen Nolan Show, Councillor Scott said he was "sickened" that Sinn Fein party members will be attending the event.

He said that the poster, which has been put up in shops in Belfast, carries the same silhouette of a soldier holding a rifle that is used in Remembrance Day posters.

"When I saw that poster my stomach just turned," he said.

Posters in shop windows.

He added: "The silhouette of that soldier, you go all around Carrickfergus and at the minute they have black silhouette for Remembrance Day coming up and with poppies on them. That is where they have got the picture of that silhouette, it is exactly the same."

Councillor Scott also questioned why Sinn Fein party members are going to the event.

"Sinn Fein always says about equality and that we all come from the one island.

"[This] sends a message to say 'to hell with the victims, we are doing what we want to do'. It doesn't matter if it was Protestants or Catholics that were killed, Sinn Fein don't seem to worry."

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