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Shankill community digs deep for typhoon victims

THE greater Shankill community has thrown its weight behind a campaign to raise money for the Philippines Typhoon Appeal.

A range of churches, youth, community and sports groups, along with local residents and elected representatives have got involved with a week long sit-out collection on the Woodvale Road.

A number of groups have agreed to supervise the public collection outside the office of local DUP MLA William Humphrey, which began on Saturday and will run through until Friday (November 22).

At the launch of the campaign young members of Springfield Star Football Club donated their weekly dues and there were further donations from Woodvale Cricket Club, The Berlin Arms and visits from members of the local Filipino community.

At church services on Sunday a joint appeal was made for a collection for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan.

"I have been delighted by the positive and willing response from the Greater Shankill community to the proposal of a week-long sit-out to receive public donations for the Philippines Typhoon Appeal. A wide range of local groups have come forward to supervise the collection, such that the schedule for the entire week is already full," said William Humphrey.

"We have all been astounded by the devastation, the loss of life and the level of destruction wrought by Typhoon Haiyan in parts of the Philippines. This sit-out will enable the Greater Shankill community and others to show our practical support and our concern for those who have lost so much. This natural disaster puts the difficulties we face in our everyday lives into perspective.

"We know that the Filipino community in Northern Ireland makes a significant contribution to society here, particularly in the health sector. This appeal is one way that we can show our appreciation and provide urgently needed finance for the disaster relief and aid operation.

"The total raised will be passed on as a Greater Shankill contribution to the Disaster Emergencies Committee's Philippines Typhoon Appeal."

Collection times are 10am to 8pm until Friday when it is 10am until noon.

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