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Shankill elderly living in fear after muggings

By Staff Reporter

Elderly people in Belfast's Shankill area are living in fear after two pensioners were mugged.

Betty Young (79) was left battered and bruised after she was robbed last Thursday at Shankill Parade on her way to vote.

Then yesterday afternoon a woman in her 80s had her handbag snatched near Shankill Leisure Centre.

Mrs Young was left with a black eye, a broken arm, bruised ribs and facial injuries.

"He pulled me down onto the ground. He was really strong. My eyes started to bleed, and my glasses had fallen off. Blood was running into my eyes, and I couldn't see," she told UTV.

"When I lifted my head, all I could see was him running with my bag under his arm.

"I'd give anything to see him caught."

DUP councillor Brian Kingston said the community was outraged: "The low-life person who carried out this cowardly mugging is beneath contempt. He must be brought to justice."

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