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'She was so loved, our lives will never be the same'

By Donna Deeney

Ethna Wiley walked away from the inquest into her daughter's death with tears streaming down her face.

She and her husband had come for answers, only for the coroner to tell them that no one will know exactly why their daughter died.

Mrs Wiley was supported by husband Edmund, who struggled with his own emotions but was clearly trying to stay strong as he clung tightly on to their only daughter's riding hat and chest protector.

For almost five hours, they listened to witnesses who were at Eglinton Equestrian Centre on August 17, 2012. They had all watched in horror as Hannah fell from her pony Jobber, which then landed on her, crushing the life out of her. No one had been able to save the little girl.

Mrs Wiley said they had come to the Coroners Court to get answers and to see if anything could have been done that would save another family from their grief. "We came here today to our dear daughter Hannah's inquest," said Mrs Wiley. "She was an intelligent girl, well loved and liked by her peers.

"She was tidy and well organised. She was honest, fun-loving and sport mad and had her whole life in front of her, she was just a child, our child but on the 17th August that ended.

"Here at the Coroners Court we were hoping to get an accurate account of what had happened to our daughter – she deserved that and to learn from mistakes so that no other family has to go through what we have suffered."

Mrs Wiley held on to her husband's arm as he described the daughter now missing from their lives.

"She was such a lovely girl and no matter what she done she put her whole heart into it," he said. "Unfortunately, that night her life was taken away, we have been under pressure under these past two years, our life is all changed and nothing will ever be the same."

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