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Shih Tzu is latest Black Death victim

By Jamie Johnson

A deadly disease which has claimed the lives of dozens of dogs this year has struck again, leaving the owner of a Shih Tzu heartbroken.

Potentially fatal Alabama Rot, also known as Dog's Black Death, damages dogs' blood vessels, cutting off blood supply to areas of the skin and sometimes the internal organs, which causes skin sores and can lead to kidney failure.

It is believed the illness is picked up in muddy areas, and can rot the flesh of a dog very quickly.

Shannon Wilson (23) took her Shih Tzu Paris for a walk in Moses Gate, Fanworth, Greater Manchester, and noticed a wound on the dog's paw a few days later.

Within a week, the wound had become inflamed and swollen, and Paris became sick.

Blood tests taken by the veterinary charity PDSA revealed kidney failure. Paris was put to sleep just two weeks after showing symptoms of the disease.

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