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Shock for dog warden who found animal tied up in plant pot and drowned in lake

Camlough Lake. Pic Google Maps
Camlough Lake. Pic Google Maps
Mark Bain

By Mark Bain

A dog has been tied up in red Christmas ribbon before being thrown into a lough in Co Down and left to drown.

The shocking discovery of the dead animal was made yesterday by an off-duty dog warden during a fishing trip in the Camlough Lake area of Newry.

The little Maltese type dog was placed inside a heavy plant pot and covered in a plastic bag before it was dumped in the water.

Its muzzle had been bound with the ribbon to prevent it barking.

The death of the dog is being investigated and its remains are to be scanned for a microchip to try to trace the original owner of the dog.

The discovery was met with shock by animal welfare group Pets Lost and Found Co Armagh.

A spokesperson said: "A small Maltese type dog has been found by a person fishing in Camlough/Bessbrook area. The dog was tied round the muzzle, in a bag with a plant pot attached and drowned.

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"All relevant authorities have been notified.

"Someone knows what evil piece of s*** did this, they will be caught.

"If you know anything, suspect anything please get in touch.

"If you were near Keggall Road or the lake recently and have dash cam footage could you please check it asap."

Many people responded to the news on Facebook with outrage.

One animal lover described it as "horrendous cruelty".

They added: "It's almost impossible to imagine who could actually inflict this horrifying death on an innocent animal.

"There are plenty of rescues that would have been more than willing to accept this poor soul."

Facebook user Deborah McGrath added: "Oh my dear God, how on earth can people be so evil? Poor wee mite.

"I just despair of this world sometimes. Dogs are the most beautiful, loyal animals. How could someone do this?"

And Yvonne Young stated: "That's heartbreaking.

"I pray that someone is taken to task over this. Laws need to be tightened up against animal cruelty AND enforced."

Last year, courts in Northern Ireland banned 45 people from keeping animals after they were convicted of animal cruelty.

Cases involved wildlife, farm animals and pets.

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