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Shocking footage shows child being hit by van in Belfast after dash across main road

Women heard screaming as child dashes across busy road

The Upper Newtonwards Road, where the footage was filmed. Picture: Google Maps
The Upper Newtonwards Road, where the footage was filmed. Picture: Google Maps
Gareth Cross

Gareth Cross

Footage has emerged of a child dashing across a busy Belfast road before being hit by a van.

A video, circulating on social media, shows the child getting out of a car before running across the road.

It is believed the incident happened on the Upper Newtownards Road at around 3.25pm on Tuesday.

Footage captured by a nearby vehicle shows a car park up on the busy main road. The child can then be seen getting out of the car.

As he takes off a piercing scream of a women can be heard breaking the relative calm of the afternoon rush hour.

The child cuts in front of the car filming the footage - which is sitting waiting on the traffic to move on - before running straight into the side of a van moving in the opposite direction.

A woman charges across the road after the child toward the van, after which the child gets back up on his feet.

The woman takes him into her arms before running back to her vehicle, clutching the child close to her.

What appears to be the van driver, then gets out of his vehicle and goes to check on the child. He can be heard telling someone that the child - who appears to be of early primary school age - is "fine".

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Thousands have watched the terrifying incident on social media. Many were shocked at the footage, commenting on how the child was seconds away from being killed or seriously injured.

"Such a shock for child and driver," said one Facebook users, "I hope the little child is alright."

The Northern Ireland Ambulance Service said it had no report of the incident.

Police and the Ulster Hospital have also been contacted.

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