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Shoe camera pervert banned from driving instructor job

By Chris Kilpatrick

A pervert driving instructor who took pictures of unsuspecting women using a secret camera on his shoe has been banned from teaching people to drive in the future.

Jonathan Alfred Gibson was put on probation for three years after security staff at Forestside shopping centre in Belfast spotted him ‘upskirting’ women on an escalator.

Devious Gibson targeted women wearing skirts and dresses while they shopped.

It was the first case of its kind in Northern Ireland.

The 37-year-old was called to appear before Department of Environment officials on Thursday, the body responsible for the awarding of licences to driving instructors.

During that meeting Gibson was told his licence had been revoked with immediate effect.

By law anybody wishing to become a driving instructor must undergo a criminal background check.

Should they commit any criminal offences while they are holding such a licence the Driver Vehicle Agency has the power to revoke it.

The move will protect more unsuspecting women falling victim to pervert Gibson.

The Belfast Telegraph attempted to contact him on numerous occasions on Thursday but he did not return calls.

A male shopper reported Gibson to security at the busy shopping centre when he became suspicious of his behaviour on May of last year.

Using a camera attached to his shoelace, Gibson was taking pictures of women wearing dresses or skirts while they used an escalator.

After following one woman up the escalator, Gibson waited for another to make the trip to the ground floor.

Gibson, from Central Promenade in Newcastle, Co Down, was also caught on camera by the outlet’s CCTV.

Suspecting he was being watched by staff, Gibson returned to his car, easily identifiable by advertising on the side of the vehicle promoting Jonny G’s Driving School.

In court, Gibson’s lawyer, Joel Lindsay, said his client’s business had been wiped out as a result of the incident.

With his career in ruins and his licence revoked, the website for Gibson’s driving school appeared to have been taken down last night.


Driving instructor Jonathan Gibson (37) was spotted acting suspiciously in the Forestside shopping centre in Belfast by a member of the public. Gibson, who was filming up women’s skirts and dresses, believed he had caught the attention of security and left the centre. He was easily identified because of the advertising of his business on the side of his car caught on CCTV.

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