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Shooting victim Kieran McManus 'was turning his life around for son'

By Claire Graham

Friends and neighbours of Kieran McManus have told how he was trying to turn his life around for the sake of his son.

The doting father of one, who was originally from Turf Lodge, died on Saturday night after being shot while on shift working for Domino's Pizza on Kennedy Way.

The news has shocked and horrified those who grew up around him.

Shutters were closed down on the row of shops where he was shot on Sunday.

Within 24 hours, what is usually a bustling hub for locals is now a murder scene.

Police cordoned off the row of businesses with tape and four vans stood guard over the car where the young dad was shot at close range multiple times.

Staff at the takeaway were puffy eyed as the news sank in that one of their colleagues had been gunned down on their doorstep. The 26-year-old had been part of the team there for some time.

Mr McManus was not only well-known by the locals, but was also known by the police, previously appearing in court alongside his brother Joseph.

But a former neighbour said that he was a changed man, wanting to get back on the right side of the tracks for his six-year-old son.

"He was just trying to get his life turned around," the pensioner said. "Who has the right to take someone's life? This is heartbreaking.

"No one deserves that. He was going the right way."

The pizza delivery man had been a youth worker at Holy Trinity Youth Centre, Turf Lodge, before moving from the housing estate to Crumlin.

The centre, tucked away in the heart of Turf Lodge, aims to develop skills in young people and encourage their self esteem through a range of projects and activities.

Teenagers at the centre said they would miss him.

Elsewhere in Turf Lodge, Ciaran McCarthy who once lived opposite the victim, said: "I heard about it last night. It's just mad. Completely mad."

At his home in Orchard Hill, Crumlin, children's scooters and bikes lay untouched on the sunny bank holiday weekend. Inside, the house in mourning stood still.

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