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Shot missionary Maud Kells won't quit her work in Congo

By Amanda Ferguson

Just days after being shot by bandits in a remote corner of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, inspirational Northern Ireland missionary Maud Kells has vowed to continue her work there, declaring: "I am not finished yet."

The intrepid 75-year-old is refusing to leave the country where she is recovering in hospital after being attacked.

On Monday the WEC International nurse and Bible teacher from Cookstown was the victim of a night-time attack by raiders in the remote rainforest village of Mulita and was struck in the ribs by a bullet.

Mission Aviation Fellowship pilot Jon Cadd, who transported Maud to hospital, told the Belfast Telegraph she had informed the authorities she was staying put as there was work still to be done.

"Maud is doing great under the circumstances," Jon said. "She is very upbeat and praising God that things were not worse. She realised that the bullet went very close to her spine and arteries.

"Maud is very committed to the people in the area. The love the Lord has given her for them is what keeps her coming back. She is an amazing woman."

Mr Cadd said the British High Commission had asked Maud if she would be returning to the UK now to recover. "She told them no, she was not finished here yet," he said.

The pilot praised Maud, who was awarded an OBE in the New Year Honour's list for her committed service to DR Congo over the last 40 years.

"People like Maud are one of the main reasons we are here," the Christian charity pilot added.

"To allow people like Maud to do what they do and stand by them; to be ready to bring needed supplies for the hospital or do life flights like this if the emergency arises; to encourage them to continue in the work when one can get discouraged.

"We are partners in a real sense with Maud and others like her who would find it hard to do their job without that point of connection. It is a great honour to serve with such dedicated people."

MAF is recruiting for missionary pilots, just like the ones who rescued Maud. Any interested pilots are asked to call 01303 850 950.

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