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Shot Real IRA man's family want PSNI chief and minister to attend inquest

By Donna Deeney

The Justice Minister and PSNI Chief Constable will be asked to appear at the inquest of a Londonderry man murdered by the Real IRA two years ago.

Kieran Doherty was stripped and shot dead at the Braehead Road close to the border between Derry and Donegal — a murder his family have always maintained the security forces had some level of involvement in.

The first stage of Mr Doherty's inquest will be heard in Belfast tomorrow, where his family will request the attendance of David Ford and Matt Baggott as well as Lord Carlisle and the former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Owen Paterson.

The family say they all can throw light into the circumstances surrounding the murder.

The Doherty family want Chief Coroner John Leckey to be shown the findings of a report carried out by Lord Carlisle before the inquest begins in earnest after tomorrow's Preliminary Hearing.

Speaking to the North West Telegraph, Kieran Doherty’s uncle Vincent Coyle said they are hopeful that new information about the murder will come to light during the inquest.

“Through our legal team we will request that these four key figures are brought to the inquest because it is our belief that each can shed some light on Kieran's murder,” he said.

“Lord Carlisle, the Government's independent adviser on the security forces, has assured us that he would do all he could to help. But he went from being initially very enthusiastic to eventually leaving a note in the pigeon hole of Mark Durkan MP's mail box in Parliment saying he could find no evidence.

“We have never seen his full report but feel it is important that it is shown in its entirety to Mr Leckey and as Owen Paterson was Secretary of State at the time of Kieran's killing we think it would be helpful if he attended.”

Father-of-one Kieran Doherty was a member of the terror group that killed him. The 31-year-old had told his family before his death that MI5 had tried to recruit him which his family maintain was the reason he was murdered.

Mr Coyle added: “Shortly after Kieran's death, David Ford met with and assured us he would do all he could to help — but two and a half years have passed and we have heard nothing more from him so perhaps he will be in a position to enlighten the Coroner.

“We have also asked that the chief of the police attends because, although we know the investigation is still live, we would like to know about the level of communication between police in the two jurisdictions.

“While we know the inquest will be a difficult time for us all as a family we are hopeful that something new will come out of it that will maybe even result in someone being charged.”


Kieran Doherty's stripped and bound body was discovered on the Braehead Road bordering Derry and Donegal in 2010.

He was a Real IRA member and had been shot twice in the head. The organisation later claimed responsibility for the killing. The dissident republican group said it shot him over his alleged involvement with drugs, a claim his family have vehemently denied.

To date no one has been charged with any offence connected with his death.

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