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Shotgun cartridge tied to door of Alliance MLA's office

By Claire Cromie

An Alliance MLA has said he won't be intimidated by thugs who tied a shotgun cartridge to the door of his office.

The cartridge was discovered tied to the lock of Stewart Dickson's Carrickfergus constituency office on Friday morning.

It comes a week after a hoax bomb was discovered outside the party's East Belfast office.

The East Antrim representative said: "This is yet another senseless attack on the hardworking Alliance team in East Antrim and the local community, many of whom rely on the constituency services that we provide.

"There is absolutely no justification for this level of intimidation and there should be no place in our society for those who wish to spread fear and intimidation.

"Those behind this unjustifiable attack do not speak for the majority of residents in East Antrim, who want to see a peaceful future for our area and Northern Ireland as a whole."

The Carrick office was set on fire in December 2012 following a Belfast City Council vote restricting the flying of the Union flag at City Hall.

And last Friday, ammunition technical officers examined a suspicious object and declared it a hoax at the party's Newtownards Road premises.

Roads were sealed off and traffic diverted as a controlled explosion was carried out.

Mr Dickson added: "Clearly there are those among us who want to drag us back to the dark days of the past and I would appeal to anyone with information to contact the PSNI.

"The perpetrators of these acts are obviously threatened by the non-violent, non-sectarian and progressive message of the Alliance Party. This latest attempt to intimidate us only highlights their wish to disrupt the good work of Alliance Party representatives who are working to deliver the shared and better future that everyone in our area deserves."

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