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Shots fired at Belfast police 'lured' into ambush

Police have been fired on after being lured into an ambush by a bogus burglary call.

Officers were responding to the call in Dunmurry in west Belfast at around 1pm when they heard a number of rounds fired.

Police are investigating whether they may have been lured into the area.

A short time later several nearby residents in Foxes Glen also reported hearing a firearm discharged.

A PSNI spokesman said: "Inquiries have established that the original burglary call was bogus and one current line of inquiry is that the response crew may have been lured to the area to be targeted for attack."

It is understood officers who responded, including one woman officer and two men, were not injured but were left very shaken.

Sinn Fein said a window was broken after a bullet smashed into a local resident's car.

Lisburn councillor Stephen Magennis has accused those responsible of a reckless and pointless attack which not only jeopardised the lives of police officers but also local people including children.

Mr Magennis said: "Due to the good weather people living in Foxes Glen were sitting outside their homes watching their children playing.

"I was in my back garden when I heard the shooting and rushed into the street to grab my daughter to safety as other parents did the same.

"We are very lucky no one was injured or killed in this reckless and pointless attack.

"The bogus reporting of a burglary by dissidents in order to serve their agenda only does a grave disservice to this community."

He added: "Those behind the attack need to explain to this community the rationale behind this attack and what exactly it achieved except causing fear and upset for the local residents."

Dissident republicans have been responsible for a number of attacks on members of the security forces in recent times.

Alliance Party Stormont MLA Trevor Lunn said: "I am very concerned at what appears to have been an attempt to lure police officers into a trap. We are just lucky that nobody was hurt in this incident.

"This just reminds us of the need to show extra vigilance, especially during the G8 when there will be a heightened security level.

"The PSNI are there to protect the public and to uphold the rule of law. Any attack on them is an attack on our society."

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