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Sign up for a new way to have Belfast Telegraph brought direct to your door

To help readers living in Belfast still get hold of a copy of the Belfast Telegraph in the current pandemic, we are today launching an additional way to have your paper delivered to your home.

We are now working with other publishers to offer a combined title delivery service for those customers who wish to have multiple papers delivered.

The Belfast Telegraph has been the go-to source of news since the Covid-19 crisis broke, giving readers essential, accurate and up-to-date information about the pandemic.

As communities across Northern Ireland have pulled together to beat the virus, the Belfast Telegraph has been there every step of the way, just as we've been for the last 150 years; recording the heroic efforts of our frontline healthcare workers, holding politicians rigorously to account, asking the questions that you - our readers - want answered.

As more and more people practise social distancing and self-isolating, particularly the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions, a dependable source of news you can trust has never been more important.

The Belfast Telegraph continues to offer its own very competitively priced and established service across Northern Ireland and will continue to do so throughout this current situation. If you wish to avail of this service, ring 0800 028 1909.

However, during this crisis, we are now teaming up with other leading publishers to give readers another way to get a copy of their favourite newspaper.

The service is a response to the huge number of requests from readers of the newspapers looking for their paper to be delivered either for themselves, a loved one who is self-isolating, or elderly parents.

And signing up to the new service couldn't be simpler.

To get your hands on your favourite Belfast Telegraph without leaving the safety of your home, just visit https://newspaperdelivery.me/

The site has all the information you need in an easy-to-understand format and you can be registered for delivery to your home within minutes.

Belfast Telegraph Editor Gail Walker said: "Newspapers have never been more essential than they are now in bringing readers news they can trust and the very best comment and analysis during the coronavirus emergency.

"Our journalists are currently working from their homes across Northern Ireland and are sitting at the very heart of the community.

"The Belfast Telegraph is also rightly regarded as a friendly companion and to help readers through the lockdown, we've added extra content, including an enhanced puzzles section."

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