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'Significant' concerns over management of care home

Brooklands care home at Edenballymore Lodge in Londonderry
Brooklands care home at Edenballymore Lodge in Londonderry
Donna Deeney

By Donna Deeney

A health watchdog has issued an enforcement notice against a second care home in Londonderry.

Inspectors carried out an unannounced inspection of Brooklands Care Home in August when they raised "significant" concerns about supervision of patients, management of the facility and the management of medicines.

The Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) closed Owen Mor Care home in the city's Culmore Road area to new admissions over similar concerns.

Brooklands Care Home has until October 14 to comply with the enforcement notice.

Restrictions on Owen Mor remain.

In its report the RQIA states: "During an unannounced inspection significant concerns were identified in relations to multiple areas of governance in Brooklands health care, Derry, including a lack of effective management of the home, deployment of staff, supervision of patients and deficits in care planning."

Faults were also found in the level of training on care management systems.

Brooklands was advised that the action required of them included that "suitably qualified and experienced persons are working at the nursing home in such numbers as are appropriate for the health and welfare of patients".

The facility must also provide appropriate training for staff in accordance to their roles and ensure there are enough staff on duty to meet patients' needs in a timely matter.

A spokesman for RQIA said: "The safety and wellbeing of everyone living at Brooklands Healthcare is of paramount importance to the RQIA and we continue to monitor this service through our ongoing inspection and regulatory activities.

"During unannounced inspection at Brooklands Healthcare, the RQIA identified concerns in relation to medicines management and governance arrangements at this nursing home."

SDLP councillor Angela Dobbins said as the standards required by the RQIA were the legal minimum, it was worrying that these were not being met.

Speaking after her call for a public inquiry into Owen Mor Care Home was endorsed by Derry City and Strabane District Council, she said: "It is just not acceptable that the minimum level of standards are not being met.

"The issue at both of these facilities is not with the staff, it is with the management who are not providing adequate training for the staff they have to allow them to carry out their roles.

"People who entrust their relatives to a care home or a nursing home have the right to expect the highest of standards and yet we see the minimum levels are not being reached."

Brooklands care home was contacted for a response.

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