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Sinead O'Connor: I want to unite Ireland under a new name as a new country

By Caitlin McBride

Outspoken singer Sinead O'Connor has called for a revolution to create a united Ireland.

The Nothing Compares 2 U songstress explained her recent flip flop into the political world, referencing her decision to join Sinn Fein in December before withdrawing her application in January.

Speaking on RTE radio yesterday, she said: "I went to Sinn Fein because I had what I think was a good idea and the most respectful thing I could do with that idea was bring it to them.

"I'm not a politician, but I'm an ideas person.

"It struck me when I saw how the [Irish] state was responding to the water protests in particular - there's something very wrong and I wondered what it was and I thought about it for a while and realised that actually 1916 isn't finished.

"What was promised in that proclamation hasn't happened."

She added: "They persuaded me that I'd be bored s***less, pretty much waiting for them to get into government before being able to help generate any national discussion on the issue of ending partition," she said of her decision.

"It was said to me that people like myself are more useful 'working alongside' since we can say what we like."

She went on to urge the unification of Northern Ireland and the Republic through non-violent means.

"It struck me that we really need to take our country, not violently.

"We're subject, in the free state, to everybody up north dictating the time frame in which we can begin conversations about unification," she said. "The idea that I have, which I think is a good idea, [is that] we perhaps, down here, get off our butts and take our country - not violently - and not let ourselves be under the time frame of everybody up north.

"We can't have sovereignty until we're one country.

"It'd be great if it wasn't Ireland or Northern Ireland, if it was a new name and it was a new country altogether."

She said the today's issues cannot be resolved without "solving problems" from 1916.

"What I'd love us in the Free State to be talking about and caring about is unifying as a country," she said.

"At the moment, all that's on offer is the Good Friday Agreement.

"You can't solve problem 2015 without solving problem 1916."


Sinead O'Connor has a long history of controversy.

  • In 1992 she tore up a photograph of the Pope on NBC's Saturday Night Live
  • In 1999 she announced that she had become a priest
  • In 2011 Sinead held a shotgun wedding in Las Vegas, to Barry Herridge, a man she met on the internet after posting an advertisement seeking a boyfriend
  • In 2012 she took to Twitter to seek out professional mental help.

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