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Singing cancer medic records album inspired by his patients


Joe O'Sullivan strums with his son Oisin

Joe O'Sullivan strums with his son Oisin

Joe O'Sullivan strums with his son Oisin

A Northern Ireland oncologist has written an album inspired by the moving experiences he has shared with his patients.

Professor Joe O'Sullivan, who is based at the Cancer Centre at Belfast City Hospital, said he felt moved by the hope and positivity he had witnessed from people faced with illness and loss.

He is set to donate all the proceeds from the musical effort, Another Light, to the Friends of the Cancer Centre, which works to support the very patients and families he treats every day.

Joe said he wanted to spread the hope he had seen with a wider audience.

"Much of the inspiration behind the new album comes from the people I've had the privilege of meeting and treating over the years," he said.

"In particular I've been inspired by hope and the effect it can have when we're faced with life's challenges.

"Hope is an incredibly powerful thing and for someone with cancer, or someone who is supporting a loved one with cancer, it can make a real difference as to how they face their diagnosis and treatment.

"It's certainly not easy, but I've seen many of my patients find inner strength they didn't know they had by being able to find a little light in those dark moments. I wanted to try to capture that in my songs so that anyone listening might also be able to take a little bit of hope away with them."

Another Light follows on from Joe's successful debut album, Take a Deep Breath, which was released in 2015 and raised over £10,000 for Friends of the Cancer Centre.

The charity, which is based at the heart of the Cancer Centre at Belfast City Hospital, carries out vital work in the areas of patient care, patient comfort and research.

Joe added: "As the album was inspired by the wonderful people I treat, I wanted any money raised to be used to support them and hopefully many others. Friends of the Cancer Centre is my favourite charity and I get to see the incredible difference it makes to patients every day. Everything it does makes a real difference to so many. On a personal level, I love how the charity is a vehicle for people to give something back and this is my way of thanking Friends of the Cancer Centre for supporting my patients and the staff in the hospital."

Colleen Shaw, chief executive of Friends of the Cancer Centre, described Joe as an "incredible supporter" of the charity, adding that the money raised will make a real difference to their work.

Another Light is priced £10 and available to buy from www.friendsofthecancercentre.com or to download from iTunes.

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