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Single Northern Ireland man discovers 'woman' he's been texting was his mate as cruel prank goes viral

By Claire Williamson

Have you ever waited on a text from someone you met on a night out? Well what if when they eventually did contact you it turned out to be your friend playing a prank which was then viewed by thousands of people.

That's exactly what happened for a group of friends from Northern Ireland who played an elaborate prank on their friend by pretending to be a woman he had met at Kelly's in Portrush.

Ollie and his mates' prank has gone viral with the subsequent messages being shared more than 4,000 times on website Lad Bible and the Daily Mail.

It all started when his friend didn't get the woman's number and was waiting on her to contact him - Ollie then saw a window of opportunity and began texting pretending to be her and even arranged to meet up for a date of 'netflix and chill'.

The text exchange went on for two days - as the pair exchanged pleasantries adorning the messages with emoticons and terms of endearment.

He sent: 'Hi it's Rachel from last night from Kelly's,' adding that he hoped she got home safely.

The friend replies: "'Yeah I got back home OK, suffering today though.' 

The fictional woman then writes: 'You should have come back to our apartment we didn't end up asleep until 7am.'

After several more exchanges the fictional woman suggests they meet up to 'Netflix and chill', finishing the message with a kiss emoji before suggesting that they Facetime.

However this was when the prank reached its cruel climax as instead of seeing his new lady friend on screen, he sees his friends.

The minute he realises he hangs up.

Ollie told the Lad Bible that they haven't heard from the would-be-Romeo since.

He said: "We haven't seen him since, but he said he's going to kill us both."

If you are the real girl who met Ollie's friend that night - get in touch here.

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