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Sinister threat to boxing star Carl Frampton's family

By Staff Reporter

Fans of the former world champion boxer Carl Frampton voiced their disgust last night after his wife Christine revealed she had received a death threat.

The threat was not only against her, but also her husband and their two young children.

It came in a Facebook private message which read: "You and your kids and Carl are getting murdered by the UVF, so f***ing watch".

Christine posted a screengrab of the threat on her Twitter feed last night, and asked for advice on how to find the person who sent it online. The same person asked her two days previously whether she owned a leather jacket and leather gloves.

Her tweet was retweeted by her husband, who made no comment on the incident.

The threat sparked outrage among their fans, with many labelling the person behind it as a "scumbag" and a "keyboard warrior", urging Christine to report it to the PSNI.

One fan advised: "Treat it and the idiot who wrote it with the contempt it deserves", while another said: "this is absolutely dreadful. How low do jealous people go. Rotten to the core. Hope you made police aware."

Another poster tweeted that Carl "needs to pay this rat a visit with his Hurley stick", in reference to a tweet by the boxer earlier this month of a photograph of a personalised The Jackal hurley stick.

Two weeks ago Carl received some abuse on Twitter after he was photographed wearing an Antrim GAA jersey.

In response to a tweet by Craig Flanaghan vowing he would never support Carl again after seeing him in the jersey, and urging other loyalists to follow his lead, the boxer responded: "Hey boy, anymore talk like that and you'll get this around the coupon".

Carl, originally from the loyalist Tiger's Bay area of north Belfast, married Christine in 2013. They have since gone on to have two children together, Carla and little Rossa.

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