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Sinn Fein and family of Patsy Kelly visit Downing Street to present petition

A delegation including Sinn Fein MPs has presented a petition to Downing Street over the 1974 murder of an nationalist councillor.

Independent Patsy Kelly (33) was a member of Omagh District Council, and it is believed he was murdered by loyalist paramilitaries.

The Police Ombudsman is still investigating the death of the father-of-five after the original RUC investigation was heavily criticised.

Nobody has ever been charged with his murder.

Tuesday's delegation included the family of Patsy Kelly, and Sinn Fein MPs Barry McElduff and Francie Molloy.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, Mr McElduff said: "The government is the body with overall authority to ensure all of its agencies - Army, police and legal representatives - cooperate with the family in their quest for truth and justice."

"The Kelly family feel strongly they have faced obstruction after obstruction in their quest for justice."

He added the visit of the delegation to Westminster involved delivering a petition to Downing Street, formal and informal meetings with MPs about the issue, and meeting with Secretary of State for Northern Ireland James Brokenshire.

Last month a Sinn Fein-sponsored motion put before Fermanagh and Omagh District Council called for the investigation into Patsy Kelly's death to continue.

There was controversy after Sinn Fein council chairman Stephen McCann shut down a UUP amendment which would have broadened the motion to include all unsolved Troubles murders - including those by republican paramilitaries.

UUP councillor Robert Irvine accused Sinn Fein of trying to airbrush history.

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