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Sinn Fein bites back with a T-shirt it hopes supporters will snap up

By Allan Preston

While wood burning pellets are the most talked about object of the election, it appears crocodiles have become the mascot.

Sinn Fein has been selling 'See ya later alligator' T-shirts on its party website, a reference to the DUP leader Arlene Foster.

Mrs Foster unwittingly started the craze by explaining her opposition to Sinn Fein's demand for an Irish language Act with the words: "If you feed a crocodile it will keep coming back for more." Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams retorted: "See ya later, alligator."

A Sinn Fein spokesman said: "As part of our fundraising campaign for the Assembly elections we have launched our limited edition 'See Ya Later Alligator' T-Shirts. All money raised goes directly back into the election campaign."

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