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Sinn Fein dragged into Conservative pre-election swipe against Labour

Conor Murphy dismissed Labour alliance notion as 'pure fiction' as Sinn Fein will not take seats at Westminster

Sinn Fein bears the butt of a pre-election swipe from the Conservatives against Labour
Sinn Fein bears the butt of a pre-election swipe from the Conservatives against Labour

By Staff Reporter

Sinn Fein has been publicly dragged into a Conservative pre-election swipe at Labour with a new scare-mongering poster.

Conservatives are seeking to capitalise on reports of supposed Labour talks with Sinn Fein by producing a campaign poster featuring Mr Miliband with Gerry Adams and the SNP's Alex Salmond.

Under the strapline Your Worst Nightmare Just Got Even Worse, the poster warned: "The SNP and Sinn Fein propping up Ed Miliband? Chaos for Britain."

However, the tweet and the story which first appeared in today's Sun has been branded as ‘pure fiction’ by Sinn Fein MP Conor Murphy.

Mr Murphy said: “Sinn Fein's position on Westminster is very well known. We work hard in delivering a good service to our voters but we do not take our seats in Westminster.

“We have met with all of the major British political parties in the line of our work as MPs over many years and have made this clear time and time again.

“None of these parties have ever asked us over the course of these meetings to support them on the other side of an election.

 “Our position on refusing to take our seats at Westminster has been repeatedly endorsed by our electorate and this remains our position as we face into this year’s election."

The poster shows David Millliband cosying up with SNP's Alex Salmond and Sinn Fein chairman Gerry Adams.

The prospect of a Labour pact with Sinn Fein or SNP was discussed at Prime Minister's Questions today when David Cameron warned that such an alliance would be intent on bring up or bankrupting Britain.

Mr Cameron said: “We've seen Labour casting around for a coalition with the SNP, a coalition with Sinn Fein. The first time in Britain you'd have people who want to break up Britain or bankrupt Britain. What a useless shower.”

The poster was tweeted around 3pm this afternoon from the @Conservatives account.

However, one quick-witted follower, Red Georgie ‏@RedGeorgieOne, replied back - 'What about Conservatives propped up by UKIP and DUP? Equally as scary.'

The Sun reported today that labour chiefs had held secret talks with Sinn Fein about forming a post-election coalition.

The newspaper said that discussions have taken place over whether Sinn Fein would be willing to prop up by a minority government led by Ed Miliband.

Sinn Fein, although they have five MPs, refuse to take up their seats in the Commons.

The party's West Tyrone Pat Doherty confirmed to the paper that Labour shadow cabinet members had approached him about doing a deal after May 7.

He told Channel 4 news: "They bring it up quite bluntly and it's always dealt with in the same way.

"Let me reassure you we will not be entering into the House of Commons, or indeed the House of Lords."

 A Labour spokesman refused to deny the talks but said: "We are only aiming for a majority government."

 Tory MP Philip Davies said: "This shows that Labour will sink to any depth in order to gain power."

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