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Sinn Fein in check your poll cards plea

A Sinn Fein election candidate has urged voters to check their polling card after some voters were wrongly advised to travel elsewhere to cast their vote.

Anthony Feely spoke after voters in the Garrison area received cards telling them to go to Belcoo on polling day.

He said: "On a routine canvass of the area ahead of the forthcoming council elections, I established that some voters were being asked to travel from the Loughside Road in Garrison to cast their vote in Belcoo.

"I have raised this issue with the Electoral Office and they have advised me that this was an administrative problem, but that these details have been corrected. Letters are being issued to advise of this change.

"If people have any questions or need clarification, they can phone the electoral office on 080 0432 0712 or the Sinn Fein office in Enniskillen."

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