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Sinn Fein is unfit to govern, says rival Micheal Martin

By Sam Griffin

Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams cannot be allowed to "falsify and distort" history, the Fianna Fail leader has said in a scathing attack on his political rival.

Micheal Martin used his party's annual 1916 Arbour Hill commemoration to criticise Sinn Fein. He called Sinn Fein "unfit for participation in a democratic republican government".

Afterwards he slammed Mr Adams' CBS interview, when he said Jean McConville's death was "something that happens" in war.

"I think fundamentally the attempts by Sinn Fein to falsify and distort history deserved a substantial and considered response," he said. "Particularly the CBS interview, which was Mr Adams' attempt to justify the abduction and murder of Jean McConville on the basis that this happens in war.

"That had to be met with a substantial response and I think I gave that today in the interest of public discussion and discourse and indeed our democracy, because he cannot get away with that kind of simplification and falsification."

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