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Sinn Fein may apologise for 1996 Manchester bomb 'if UKs accept role in Troubles'

A Sinn Fein MLA has said that the party could apologise for the 1996 Manchester bombing in the British government accepts its role during the Troubles.

The 3,000lb IRA truck bomb injured 200 people and devastated the centre of the city when it was detonated near the Arndale centre 20 years ago today.

When asked about apologising for the bomb, Pat Sheehan told the BBC: “The IRA has apologised on numerous occasions for things it has done wrong, for killings of innocent people and so on.

"What we need to do is we need to get into a process where every party and protagonist becomes accountable for their actions during the conflict.”

When pressed further on the issue, he added: “That may mean an apology.”

However he said that the apology would be in the future rather than at this point as the he said the British government must also recognise its role in the conflict.

“What happens is if one party moves ahead and other parties don’t it can create difficulties within their own constituency. So if the British government are playing hardball and the republicans are seen to be moving forward, it doesn’t in any way help. It doesn’t help the process," he said.

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