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Sinn Fein MP calls for investigation into DUP's link to analytics company AggregateIQ

Francie Molloy
Francie Molloy

A Sinn Fein MP has written to the Information Commissioner's Office over the DUP's links with analytics company AggregateIQ.

In a statement on Tuesday, Francie Molloy said he had contacted the office to ask that it investigates the DUP's ties with the company.

Last year investigative website The Detail published findings that the party paid AggregateIQ £32,750 during the run-in to the June 2016 Brexit Referendum.

It has been alleged there are links between AggregateIQ, a Canada-based company, and Cambridge Analytica, the analytics company caught up in a scandal over the harvesting and storing of the data of Facebook users.

The Information Commissioner's Office said in December Aggregate IQ was one of a number of organisations involved in an investigation aimed at providing insight into "how personal information is used in political campaigns".

"As details emerge of mass invasions of privacy allegedly carried out by Cambridge Analytica to assist the far-right Donald Trump and Leave campaigns, the DUP have a duty to tell us what they were buying with their money," Mr Molloy said.

Meanwhile, the DUP has called on Sinn Fein to clarify how money raised during fundraising events in Canada this month is going to be spent.

East Belfast MP Gavin Robinson said: "Those who have been so exercised about political donations here have done nothing to close the loophole which allows huge amounts of foreign money to influence politics in Northern Ireland in a way that is banned in both the Republic of Ireland and the rest of the UK."

The DUP has been contacted for comment.

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