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Sinn Fein MP Conor Murphy: 'We'll resist the diktats coming out of London'

Conor Murphy

Conor Murphy on...

Tory economic policy

Parties in the Executive have a duty to say, 'This can't go on the way it is going; this is effectively going to cripple any ability to deliver any services here if the British government continue the way they are going'. I think other devolved institutions are coming to the same view.

SF's pitch to government

We need to say 'we are a party emerging from conflict, we have particular challenges, a Programme from Government has been agreed between parties who are ideologically very different and you just can't have a Tory government in Britain just coming up and ripping it up and imposing their diktats through the Treasury'.

Devolution collapsing

We need to point out the very real threat to the institutions; if they don't have enough money to exist then they can't function. I think the same applies to Wales and Scotland. If the direction of travel is to starve these institutions then the institutions will fail.

The OTRs

The OTRs was a commitment made in Weston Park. It is one of a range of commitments that have been made right back to the Good Friday Agreement but have never been implemented. As things accumulate and aren't fulfilled then what confidence can you have that anything else you agree will be put into practice?

The Maze

The Maze is also a Programme for Government commitment, we made an agreement on the Speaker in the Assembly and that has been reneged on as well. It saps the confidence of the public in the abilities of the parties to do business.

His new role in Stormont

Even though I haven't been operating in this institution I have been very, very much involved here as well as going up and down to Dublin so it will just be a change of role if that comes about.

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