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Sinn Fein must convince unionists to support united Ireland: Gerry Adams

Gerry Adams has said work must be done to convince unionists to support a united Ireland.

Speaking at a book launch about the hunger strikes on Thursday evening, the Sinn Fein president said work needed to be done on presenting "convincing and cogent arguments" in favour of unity.

"We have to engage with unionism and seek to persuade that part of our society to support Irish unity," he said.

"The potential for progress demands a new approach aimed at unlocking unionist opposition to a new future by reminding them of the positive contribution they have made to society on this island."

The Louth TD again repeated a call for a border poll within the next five years saying it was "winnable".

He said a united Ireland was "acknowledged as the outcome most capable of producing lasting peace, political stability and economic prosperity. Of course, it is essential that those of us who want a United Ireland articulate that view clearly, positively and in the context of the Good Friday Agreement".

“Brexit has re-energised and reshaped the debate about a united Ireland. There are many more people talking positively about it than at any time in recent years.

"A united Ireland, free and prosperous would be the best monument we could build to Thomas Ashe, Terence MacSwiney, Frank Stagg, Bobby Sands and all their compatriots who hungered for justice.”

On the political stalemate which has seen devolution suspended in Northern Ireland, Mr Adams said his party remained committed to restoring an Executive.

"However, the lesson of recent years is clear; the political institutions can only work if they are based on equality, respect and integrity,” he said.

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