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Sinn Fein red-faced after Gerry Adams picture gaffe

By Niall O'Connor

Controversy over Gerry Adams' links to the IRA resurfaced after Sinn Fein inadvertently published a photo showing its president standing alongside graffiti reading: "The IRA will never be beaten".

The black and white image was accompanied by a caption imposed by the Sinn Fein press office covering up the slogan.

"I was calling for a United Ireland before it was cool", it read. It was accompanied by the bizarre hashtag "Hipster Gerry".

Fine Gael TD Noel Rock sourced the original image and released it on social media.

The gaffe is embarrassing for Mr Adams, who denies IRA membership and claims the terror group has "left the stage".

Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin said the "cover-up" of the slogan was part of the "long-standing mantra" of Sinn Fein. "The greatest single barrier to Irish unity has been and will always be Sinn Fein/IRA," Mr Martin added. "The Provisional IRA did enormous damage to the campaign of unity, to Protestants and Catholics.

"Look at Kingsmills, the Shankill bombing and other atrocities. The PIRA killed Protestants because they were Protestants. As a result, they have posed a great barrier to unity."

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