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Sinn Fein to debate corporation tax motion at Ard Fheis

By Michael McHugh

Grassroots Sinn Fein members have tabled a motion rejecting a reduction in corporation tax at this weekend's ard fheis.

The republican party's leadership has yet to outline which rate it favours. It struck a deal as part of the Stormont House negotiations to devolve from London to Belfast powers to set the levy.

A motion for debate at the weekend's annual gathering of Sinn Fein members said: "This ard fheis, while supporting the principle of devolution of the power to set corporation tax rates to the Six County Assembly, recognises that the role of a democratic socialist party should be to argue for more effective implementation of current rates of corporation tax, north and south, and rejects a reduction in corporation tax which would increase the profits of global corporations."

The proposal was made by the Clancy/O'Callaghan Cumann in Limerick.

The DUP favours reducing the rate of corporation tax on business profits to 12.5% in line with the Republic of Ireland to compete for foreign direct investment. At present the rate is 21%.

Sinn Fein's ard fheis is being held in Derry's Millennium Forum and begins on Friday.

Topics include delivering a fair economic recovery and getting Ireland back to work.

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