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Sinn Fein to reshuffle top table, says Adams

By Noel McAdam

Gerry Adams has revealed there will be further changes to the Sinn Fein leadership in the near future.

The party president previously claimed that before his death, Martin McGuinness planned to step down as Deputy First Minister in May.

"This was to be one of our big moves," Mr Adams wrote on his blog yesterday.

"Michelle O'Neill's appointment as our leader in the North was another.

"In the time ahead there will be other changes."

Mr Adams also said the ongoing talks at Stormont were the first at which Mr McGuinness, who died last month, had not been present. "As far back as most of us can remember, Martin was with us," he added. "He was always there.

"He was with us in all the heartlands of resistance in the North and in every other county across this island. And in many other parts of the world."

Mr Adams also argued that the restoration of the Assembly and Executive must come in the context of moves toward Irish unity.

There was, he said, a "need to articulate and implement the politics of making the northern institutions work as a logical transition on the journey to a new and agreed united Ireland".

Mr Adams also warned: "The only option for the British Government, if talks do not succeed, is to call another election.

"We have also said clearly that any return to direct rule will be a breach of an agreement in 2006 between the Irish and British governments."

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