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Sinn Fein vows to tackle new government over budget

By David Young, PA

Sinn Fein will resist the imposition of further austerity cuts by whatever government emerges from the general eection, Martin McGuinness has vowed.

The deputy First Minister said he would be seeking negotiations with the new administration with the goal of securing a better deal in the next comprehensive spending review period.

Attending a Sinn Fein candidate launch in Belfast, Mr McGuinness said he believed his party's main partners at Stormont, the DUP, were "on the same hymn sheet" in regard to the need to challenge the incoming government's spending plans.

He also said the main UK parties needed to recognise Northern Ireland as a special case, as it was a society emerging from conflict.

"The main British parties are committed to further eye-watering cuts to public spending," he said. "These policies are economically wrong, undemocratic and unfair.

"Following this election Sinn Fein will be seeking an immediate negotiation with the incoming British government to secure a viable budget and to deliver public services, return economic powers to promote growth jobs and prosperity and to protect those most in need.

"We will be calling on all of the other political parties [in Northern Ireland], and civic society to stand up against austerity and for growth and equality. Any incoming British government must get the message - we will resist austerity on our public services, our economy and our citizens."

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