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Sinn Fein want to bin British email addresses

Proposals to drop an email suffix indicating a British address used by some public bodies have sparked a dispute between unionists and nationalists at Magherafelt District Council.

The plan to replace the ‘’ ending of representatives’ email addresses with a ‘neutral’ one is understood to be the first challenge of its kind here, but it has already passed committee stage and is now due before full council.

Sinn Fein councillor Sean Kerr told the Irish News that the main thrust behind this was “neutrality” as espoused by the Good Friday Agreement’s avowel of Irishness as equal. “As a member of Sinn Fein and an Irish republican to have an email ending in does not rest easily,” he said.

Magherafelt DUP councillor Paul McLean accused Sinn Fein of “pushing a republican agenda” and said he knew his council and process “was going to be a cold house for unionists”. “It is clear they have a problem with the Britishness of the whole thing.”

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