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Sinn Fein’s £1.5m donor William Hampton's ashes buried in west Belfast

Mr Hampton’s headstone is in Hannahstown Cemetery, according to reports.


Party donor William E Hampton

Party donor William E Hampton

Party donor William E Hampton

The Englishman who left £1.5 million to Sinn Fein had his ashes buried in west Belfast, it has emerged.

Sinn Fein received the windfall in the will of a party supporter living in Wales.

The gift was made by William E Hampton and paid in two instalments of £1 million and £500,000 in April and May.

The contribution is the largest donation given to a political party in Northern Ireland.

Mr Hampton, who was not married and had no children, left some money to friends and acquaintances, but the main beneficiary of the will was the Irish republican party.

It is understood that he spent some time living in Ireland and was a long-time supporter of the party before his death on January 11 2018 at his home in Pembrokeshire, Wales, at the age of 82.

Mr Hampton’s headstone is in Hannahstown Cemetery, as reported by the Irish News.

It reads: “True friend of Ireland. Remembered by his friends and comrades in Sinn Fein.”

It’s understood an interment ceremony took place last year and was attended by senior members of the party.

The TUV leader Jim Allister has written to the National Crime Agency over the donation.

He has asked for the agency to investigate the donation.