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Sinn Fein's Gerry Kelly says death threat against party official 'despicable and cowardly'

Gerry Kelly
Gerry Kelly

Sinn Fein's Gerry Kelly has slammed a threat from dissident republicans to one of his party officials describing it as "despicable and cowardly".

The north Belfast MLA said Sam Baker was visited by police at his home on Saturday night after attending the Belfast City Council election counts.

The officers warned Mr Baker of a death threat from dissident republicans.

“Sam and his family are currently caring for their mother who is very seriously ill," said Gerry Kelly.

“This latest death threat follows on the heels of death threats made to the community in Derry by the group which murdered journalist Lyra McKee only two weeks ago.

“These death threats are despicable and cowardly."

The party's policing and justice spokesman continued: "Those responsible have been rejected by the community, and they don’t even have the courage to put themselves or their spokespersons before the electorate.

“They need to disband and end their futile actions immediately.

“They certainly won’t deflect or intimidate Sinn Fein from working for our communities  and to achieve a new and agreed united Ireland.”

Police refused to discuss the matter.

"We do not discuss the security of individuals and no inference should be drawn from this," a spokeswoman said.

"However, if we receive information that a person’s life may be at risk, we will inform them accordingly. We never ignore anything which may put an individual at risk."

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