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Sister's fury at MoD for 'adding insult to injury'

By Donna Deeney

Former soldiers involved in Bloody Sunday should not be allowed to dictate the path of the investigation into the massacre, a sister of one of the victims has said.

Kate Nash, whose brother William was shot dead by paratroopers during a civil rights march in Londonderry, was speaking as seven ex-soldiers went to the High Court seeking an order preventing them being brought here for questioning.

Ms Nash said that, if permitted, the move would set a precedent that would allow other suspects in serious crimes to decide when, where and how they would be questioned about any allegations against them. She added she was furious that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) had agreed to fund the legal costs of the former paratroopers who have applied for the order.

The ex-servicemen took the move after one of the soldiers on the day, who is now 66, was arrested at his home in Co Antrim and questioned in relation to the killings of Ms Nash's brother, two other young men and the attempted murder of her father, Alexander Nash.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, Ms Nash said: "This is incredible if you sit and think about it. Where else would you get suspects in a murder investigation going to court to get a judge to rule they could only be questioned in a location of the suspect's choosing and at a time that suited them and only when they chose to make themselves available?

"What adds insult to injury is that the MoD have said it will pay their costs because they have a duty of care to the soldiers.

"Where was their duty of care to the innocent people on that march who were mown down? Their families have fought for almost 44 years to get justice."

The case was brought before Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas and two other judges by James Lewis QC, who said that while the men were willing to be interviewed by police, they did not want to be arrested and taken to Northern Ireland.

Thirteen innocent civilians were killed on Blood Sunday and a fourteenth died months later.

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