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Six arrested after violence in city

By Michael McHugh

Six people have been arrested for public order offences after violence broke out in Belfast.

Four vehicles were burnt out in the Divis Street, North Queen Street and Stewartstown Road areas at around 10.30pm yesterday. Petrol bombs were also thrown at police vehicles.

Superintendent Barbara Gray said: "Sadly when so many are following the progress of our Olympians, a very small number of people are intent on causing disruption and mayhem and I strongly condemn their actions.

"I would assure the local community that we will continue to work with them to reduce this type of behaviour and ask for their assistance with information which would bring those responsible to justice."

Three men aged 33, 24 and 20 and two 17-year-old males remain in police custody. A 13-year-old girl has been released pending a report to the Public Prosecution Service.

Meanwhile, in separate violence in Banbridge, Co Down, firefighters were attacked on their way to reports of a blaze in a derelict factory in the Brookfield Industrial Estate. A burning barricade was placed across the Scarva Road at around 10.30pm and a gang of 30 young people had gathered at the entrance to Windyridge and at the steps at Edenderry Park.

Bricks, stones, wood, paint tins and glass bottles were thrown at police and fire crews.

No-one was injured and calm was restored to the area at around midnight.

A man aged 21 and a girl aged 15 have been charged with public order offences to appear in court later this month.

Inspector Jacqui Gillespie said: "I am extremely disappointed at the actions of a few mindless people who were intent on causing disruption and damage last night.

"Their actions do not reflect the peaceful society we in Banbridge know and want.

"My officers are continuing their investigations into the disorder. Arrests have been made and I believe further will follow.

"I can assure the local community we will not falter in our efforts to ensure that those responsible will be brought to justice."

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