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Six injured as gang targets wedding bus

By Donna Deeney

Passengers in a bus were showered with flying glass after a breeze-block was thrown through a window leaving six people injured with cuts.

A gang of 10 blocked Madam's Bank Road in Derry with bollards, forcing the bus to stop — but when a passenger cleared the road one of the gang hurled the block through the window.

The bus was bringing 35 wedding guests — including young children and a heavily pregnant woman — home at 2.15am on Saturday when the attack happened.

Don Reddin, who owns the coach, said he has had buses attacked before, but that it was particularly sickening when passengers were put at risk.

He said: “This is one part of the business that galls me to the pit of my stomach.

“The callousness of the scum that stood there and could see that there were people on that bus but, regardless of that, still launched a breeze-block straight at them, not caring if they killed someone, leaves me sickened.”

Coach driver Martin Dalton is back at work. He said his initial thought was to get his passengers to safety.

“Both sides of the Madam’s Bank Road were blocked with bollards near Earhart Park but two passengers started to move them so the bus could get through,” he said.

“A taxi driver helped too, but while they were doing this a gang of about 10 were shouting abuse at them.

“Those boys were out to do damage and they didn’t care who it was. We were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“It was a very frightening experience and my passengers were naturally scared. There was a youngster of about 13 on the bus and a pregnant woman and they were my main concern.

“I was making my way through the road again when I saw one boy standing with a massive breeze-block raised in his hand getting ready to launch it.

“The next second there was a shower of glass and six people were cut with flying glass, so I put my foot down and got them to safety as fast as I could.”

Police are appealing for anyone who has information to contact them at Strand Road station on 0845 600 8000.

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