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Six now in custody as bombs probe goes on

By Brendan McDaid

A second woman and a fourth man have been arrested in connection with attempted bomb attacks on a Catholic police officer and a medic.

A total of six people have now been arrested and all of them were last night still being questioned by detectives investigating the double bombing.

The two women and three of the men are aged 36, while the fourth man is 28, police have confirmed.

All six were arrested in Londonderry throughout Wednesday as part of the investigation into the attacks.

The PSNI have said they are in no doubt that the bombs outside the homes of Dr Keith Munro and the police officer were planted by the Real IRA.

The two viable devices were discovered in the early hours of Wednesday in the Learmount Road and Ervey Road areas of Claudy.

SDLP Foyle MP Mark Durkan last night called on those behind the attempted atrocities to walk away from their “dark, deadly rationale of twisted, futile violence” and pursue the path of peace.

Mr Durkan said: “These two cowardly attacks prove that these sinister elements are out not just to threaten and attack officers serving the community, but also to intimidate the wider community who support the Police Service.

“These groups have to know that even though they can mount dastardly attacks like these, they cannot dismantle the political institutions and the policing arrangements which the people have chosen and endorsed.

“By picking available, vulnerable targets they not only show the reality of their threat, but also the cowardliness of their method.”

Mr Durkan said threatening language groups used in claiming previous attacks was aimed not just at officers and families, but at intimidating the community.

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