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Six-figure payout deal for woman hit by truck

By Alan Erwin

A woman seriously injured when she was hit by a runaway lorry is to be awarded a six-figure sum in damages.

Diane Victoria Herron was struck by a 7.5 ton horse transporter that careered down a hill following a breakdown in Downpatrick in July 2013.

Despite being held in position by an automatic emergency system, the ordinary handbrake was not engaged.

A High Court judge ruled that the lorry's owner, Dale Roberts, and Patrick Murdock, a mechanic who worked on it, were both guilty of negligence.

He held Mr Murdock liable for 75% of the payout, and Mr Roberts for the remaining 25%.

Damages were said to have been agreed at a six-figure sum, plus costs to the plaintiff.

Ms Herron sued both defendants over the multiple injuries she sustained when the broken-down lorry crashed into her on Irish Street in the town.

It mounted a footpath, striking Ms Herron and causing damage to a number of properties.

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