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Six-month sentence for man who went on naked hotel rampage

By Nevin Farrell

A naked man who rampaged through a Portrush hotel spraying a fire extinguisher whilst headbutting room doors was standing with just his socks on when police arrived.

Harley Alex Floyd McHenry caused so much "mayhem" that disgusted guests were reimbursed by the Magherabuoy House Hotel, Coleraine Magistrates Court heard.

McHenry (25), of Russellstown Road in Galgorm near Ballymena, previously pleaded guilty to five charges arising out of the March 19 incident.

He also caused criminal damage to a lamp and fire extinguisher and admitted two charges of assaulting police and one of attempted criminal damage to a police car window.

Police were called to a report a naked male causing a disturbance.

A prosecutor said noise was coming from Room 317 and a naked McHenry headbutted doors and went into a store causing damage. He then ran down a fire escape when told police were coming.

The prosecutor said countless complaints were received from residents with children who were "extremely upset" and when police arrived McHenry was at the hotel entrance, naked except for a pair of socks and a hoodie over his shoulder.

Police noticed he had a bump on his head and was carrying a broken fire extinguisher.

He kicked and tried to bite a police officer and when arrested kicked a window of a police car. A cell van had to be called and he headbutted the inside of it.

The hotel had to reimburse £800 to guests.

Defence barrister Michael Smyth said McHenry visited the hotel with his partner and had a meal and a couple of glasses of wine during the evening.

McHenry then downed a 10-glass bottle of vodka when the woman went to sleep.

Mr Smyth said there are "two" Harley McHenrys - one work works hard and another who takes copious amounts of alcohol and loses control of himself.

Jailing McHenry for six months, District Judge Peter King told him he had "caused mayhem" and said what he had done would have been bad enough if he had been "clothed".

Bail for appeal was fixed on the sum of £500 with a condition that the defendant does not return to the Magherabuoy House Hotel.

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